LESSONS FOR MILLENNIA®  include CULTURAL POSTCARDS for teachers, students and parents.


This educational fundraiser originated while watching the innovative Northern Arizona University program for their student teachers at the Museum of History in Granite.


 1) Select a Museum of History in Granite panel from  either the "History of Humanity " or "History of the United States of America" monuments.

2) After further research, since subjects on  panels are summarized,  explain how you will  teach the subject to your future pupils.

 Disclaimer: The Museum has not checked a report that ice cream privileges were restored to a grounded student upon gift of Museum educational postcards to parents.

                                                                                     AMONG POPULAR CARDS FOR TEACHERS AND STUDENTS

                      In CHINA                      In  INDIA                    In FRANCE                     In ENGLAND                       In  RUSSIA                            

                                                                                                                           AND  HERE AT HOME