Architecture at Felicity . . .      


The distinctive architecture at Felicity is guided by the Felicity Historical Society.



The state of California, in building the attractive area headquarters of the California Highway Patrol at Felicity, met the requirements of the Felicity Historical Society and received a nomination for an architectural prize.
At Home at Felicity  


Library and doors in oak by


A Specific Plan
A specific plan, required by the State of California, and prepared over three years, became law in December 1998. This 1,750-acre plan providing for eventual large scale construction in the currently debt-free town is subject to modification after a lawsuit against Imperial County by the Quechon Indian Tribe.

The superb Felicity aquifer allows the Felicity Water Company to dispense pure untreated water for public consumption.

The first phase of Pioneer Village, attractively designed around a 20-acre park, contains an already surveyed . engineered and approved 30 lot plan. It is not part of  the Quechon Indian nation complaint .against Imperial County. Commercial lots are also included.. The plan, more European than American in concept, provides attractive views and a high quality of life.


Our Main Endeavor:


"To engrave in granite 

highlights of the collective memory 

 of humanity" 

The construction of monuments at the MUSEUM OF HISTORY IN GRANITE, hopefully will continue over generations. This  World Commemorative Center , is our planned gift to the nation.

The centrally located museum also ensures the quality, the beauty, and educational aspect of the Town of Felicity.

The eight monument , 416 panel, History of Humanitybuilt in 2006 is now being engraved. 

2007-2008 construction includes "The History of the United States" (62 panels) and  histories of Arizona and California (31 panels each).