OF THE FELICITY STONE   On 18 MAY 2009,  THE ROSETTA STONE OF OUR ERA.

Cake   "TO LITERACY FOR MILLENNIA"     The Lady for whom the Town is named (The Bottle: Laurent Perrier "Grand Siecle")    Representing  ARIZONA: Mayor Nelson ,Yuma  CALIFORNIA G C Michael Rood, Imperial County     USA: Chief Patrol Agent (General) Paul Beeson .


The FELICITY STONE (sm) is the "Rosetta Stone" of our era. Located at the center of the eight granite monuments of the History of Humanity, this  (2009) structure is designed to  assist visitors of the distant future in deciphering our present languages.

The original Rosetta Stone allowed 19th century scholars to read the then  lost language of Egyptian hieroglyphs, written three thousand years earlier.   


By year 2014 the panel in English (below) has been translated on Ancient Greek, Ancient Egyptian, Latin and Chinese panels.


                                   THUS, HOPEFULLY, ENABLING "LITERACY FOR MILLENNIA" :